This collection of videos shows how to simulate following problems:

1. Moving Gaussian heat source
2. 2D and 3D frictional heating
3. Moving double ellipsoid heat source aka. Goldak heat source
4. Pilot node use
5. Moving circle shaped loads (pressure, heat flux)
6. Time dependent heat load

  1. Step 1: Ansys speed tutorial: Moving Gaussian heat source in ANSYS WORKBENCH

  2. Step 2: Ansys speed tutorial: How to apply time dependant heat load with APDL Code in Ansys WB in 90s

  3. Step 3: Ansys speed tutorial: 2D Frictional heating in Ansys WB with APDL commands

  4. Step 4: Ansys speed tutorial 3D Frictional heating in Ansys

  5. Step 5: Ansys speed tutorial: How to achieve a moving Goldak heat source (DOUBLE ELLIPSOID MODEL) in Ansys WB

  6. Step 6: Ansys speed tutorial: Pilot Node tutorial

  7. Step 7: Ansys speed tutorial: How to achieve a moving pressure load in ANSYS WB