Ansys Static Structural 1.1


Since I am a student I have a lot of textbooks which I store on a wall mounted shelf in my room. As a new Ansys user, I find them at the best way to learn a software such as Ansys is to apply it to real-life situations.

in this simulation, I will be going through the whole process of a basic static structural simulation of the wall brackets of the mentioned above shelf. After doing this tutorial I will analyse the results and see if I could improve it in any way.

The purpose of the tutorial is to help me learn and deepen my knowledge of this software but teaching it to other novices at Ansys.

Hope you enjoy

  1. Step 1: Pre analysis

    The first step was to gather up the raw data for the analysis and the CAD model.

    After making the model I needed to work out the force which my textbooks apply to the shelf. this was done by weighing all the textbooks (12.1kg) and using the formula w =m(kg)*g(m/s)

    w = 12.1*9.81

    w= 118.701N

  2. Step 2: Analysis ANSYS workbench static structural your material by selecting your engineering data

    4.after selecting your material, import the geometry the model tab

    6.Set the material for each part

    7. create a mesh

    8.assign the support constraints

    9.assign the force constraints

    10.insert your solutions what you required

    11. solve

  3. Step 3: Results

    These are some of the results I got from the analysis. For a more detailed analysis and what improvements I made to the bracket follow the link.

    This shows the deformation of the whole mode under load.

    This shows the bracket under strain


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