Autodesk Inventor "RIP" Command

Turning the cylindrical surface into an sheet metal model and unfolding.

  1. Step 1: Create Part

    Create a new "Standart Part" at new file.

  2. Step 2: Drawing Sketch

    Draw the body in the desired dimensions.

  3. Step 3: Extrude (Normally)

    Convert your drawing to solid model without any openings.

  4. Step 4: Convert to Sheet Metal

    After pressing the marked button, put the cursor on the body.

    The parts we will change. Click to "Sheet Metal Rule".

    Fill in the fields in the "Sheet" part according to your thickness and then Click on the part marked in blue.

    Edit the kfactor value according to your thickness.

  5. Step 5: Work Plane

    Create a new "Plane" on the body's surface.

  6. Step 6: New Sketch

    Create "New Sketch" at your new plane.

  7. Step 7: Point, Center Point

  8. Step 8: Rip

    Click on the rip command and select the surface first.

    Click the rip point too.

  9. Step 9: Finishing

    Clean the edges for weld preparation. Your cylindrical body is ready to flat pattern.