Ball Deformation Animation in SolidWorks

In this Tutorial i'll show you how to animate the deformation of a ball inside an assembly with a simple trick. The same technique can be applied in many other cases where you need a part to be blexible like spring compression.

  1. Step 1: Ball Design

    The trick here is to create the moving half of the ball using the lofted surface feature instead of revolving it. This will allow us to use the spline profile after to deform the ball

  2. Step 2: Assembly

    The assembly is not hard to make. The important detail here is the link between the ball and the pressing tool. instead of creating a coincidence or tangency mate between them, we will use the middle point of the profile spline and make a coincidence relation between it and the pressing tool. Like that the ball shape will depend on the position of the pressing tool

  3. Step 3: Animation

    The animation is also simple. Al we have to do is to add a motor on the stepper shaft to rotate the crank and animate the pressing tool. Finally we will save the animation in a video