Basic Modelling 1 (NX Unigraphics)


Basic modelling techniques using NX Unigraphics.

  1. Step 1: Plane Selection

    Select XY(front) plane for a sketch

  2. Step 2: Sketch

    After selection of the plane, draw continuous line as shown in the picture

  3. Step 3: Extrude

    Select the skcetch and extrude for 32mm

  4. Step 4: Mirror

    Mirror the body using YZ plane. An

  5. Step 5: Edge Bled

    Edge bled with 4 edges "15mm"

  6. Step 6: Dia 10mm Hole

    Select the face, draw two holes of dia10mm and extrude cut

  7. Step 7: Chamfer

    Select the two corners for chamfer


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