Basic Tutorial for AutoCAD-3


This Tutorial will give you idea about basic introduction about AutoCAD, user guide tutorial for tools, best practices, applications.

This tutorial is the web series for basic AutoCAD so follow up for the next file.

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  1. Step 1: Drawing Tools

    This is the continuation of drawing tools commands in AutoCAD


    We can create ellipse in many ways in AutoCAD

    It can be used by giving EL enter in the command prompt

    Centered ellipse

    Axis and End ellipse

    Elliptical Arc


    Using hatch command in AutoCAD we can shade the enclosed area to show its material availability or depends upon the requirements.

    hatch command can be used by entering H enter

    Normal hatch

    select the type of hatch pattern from the list


    select the gradient style and two primary colors for gradient



    In AutoCAD we can able to give the hatch transparency, hatch angle, associativity etc.,

  2. Step 2: Additional drawing tools

    Construction line

    This line can be create by using XL or XLINE enter. It may be horizontal, vertical, bisecting or at specific angle.


    This is used to create an infinite line from a defined point by giving RAY enter

    Multiple points

    This can be used by giving PO enter in the command prompt


    This can be used by giving DIV enter in the command prompt


    The shortcut used for measure is ME enter in the command prompt


    The shortcut for region command is REG enter


    This can be used by giving wipeout in the command prompt

    3D polyline

    3dpoly enter to use the 3d polyline


    Enter helix in command prompt to create a helix


    we can able to give twist angle, turns, turns height, axis endpoints of the helix.


    Enter DO enter in command prompt to create a donut

    Revision cloud

    Enter revcloud to create revision cloud of any specified shape

    there still poly shape and freehand revision cloud.


    Spline curves are used to create irregular curves they are of two types

    1.Spline fit

    2.Spline CV

    spl enter is the shorcut for spline and it can be created using methods, knots, objects.


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