Bolt with a Multi Start Thread

In this tutorial you will be learning how to create a Bolt with a multi start thread. All dimensions will be included in the steps.

  1. Step 1: Creating a Plain Bolt

    All the steps explained below is done in the form of a Youtube Video. You can check out the following video if you have any doubts:

    • In the Creo Parametric Interface, create a bolt head of any shape. Here, we will be using a Hexagonal Head of sides 100 mm. Using "Sketch" and "Extrude", this can be achieved.
    • Next, create the bottom cylinder containing the thread. The height I've used here is 500 mm.
    • The product should look like the one above.
  2. Step 2: Designing the thread

    • Now, there is an option called "Helical Sweep" under the option "Sweep". Select the option and define where you want the profile sketch to be. Mostly, the sketch is to be designed on the plane perpendicular to the Bolt head face.
    • Sketch the length of the thread profile to be swirled around the cylindrical portion as shown. The length I've used here is 420 mm.
    • Now, in the Sweep Interface, select the profile sketch and start sketching the shape of the thread in any shape you like. Here, I will be designing a basic equilateral triangle of sides 10 mm.
    • You can see in the following figure that it randomly generates the thread with a random pitch value. Change the pitch to 50 mm.

  3. Step 3: Creating the Multi Start

    • Now, after the generation of the thread, select "Pattern" and select "axis type". Select the center axis and type in 90 degree for 4 copies. The following image is obtained on clicking "OK".

    You can go ahead and color all the 4 starts of the Bolt, just like the one shown below.