Class 1 - Solidworks Simulation - The Analysis Process and Introduction to Finite Element Analysis

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    Class 1 - Solidworks Simulation - The Analysis Process and Introduction to Finite Element Analysis

    Hello everyone, welcome to the SolidWorks Simulation training a

    I will be with you during training objective of

    this training and teach how to use solidworks simulation software to analyze

    static structural party behavior and advantages within solidworks we will focus

    on fundamental skills and concepts central to good use of solidworks simulation

    software beauty Let's start then and to begin to understand some basic concepts

    the first tip What is solidworks simulation? Solidworks simulation is a project analysis

    tool based on a numerical technique called finite element analysis

    or faith and this numerical analysis will indicate whether an assembly part or structure will resist the

    loads that are being applied to them beauty we also have a cycle here and in this cycle it shows

    the intention of our Solid Work Simulator it has an intention an objective for us to stop we get

    the best possible prototype The prot ideal type faster so with this dynamic that

    we have all the practical tests 7 that would be carried out Enchantment will be carried out within the

    virtual environment of solidworks beauty people at hand let's continue so he talks a little bit now

    about the evolution of sodium Simões first there in 1982 came Mrs té that was the first simulation software

    because of seeing finite element analysis existing in the market for computers

    then in 1995 1frs make its first main Soccer finite element analysis software in

    the market and with that it becomes partner of solidworks Corporation and from there Cosmos work

    Beleza was born later in 2001 with due worldwide success of Cosmo Words the Systems action which was

    the company responsible for the solidworks Corporation's purchase, also ends up acquiring

    the SRS the company SRS to Aim 2003 the merger of SRS with solidworks Corporation and finally

    they become one and the same thing and there in 2009 we got the rename from Cosmo worx to solidworks simulation good moving

    on a little bit now we're going to talk a little bit about the versions of the

    solidworks simulation first version that we have in the sun and 8 excellent in the standard and in it

    we have tactical analysis for parts and assemblies fatigue analysis solidworks motion also so

    a very interesting software for motion analysis and then we have a single Leader who

    simulated flooring for Fashion that already has other types of analysis within it analysis frequency

    analysis buckling thermal analysis Ah and finally a Solid works in Black champagne E then we have already entered

    the non-linear analysis part and the composite analysis part reminds us here all

    software all higher version case solids pro Fashion it will contain everything that has all kinds

    of tools that have inside the software solid garbage protects no sorry and the solidworks

    simulation stander A software so always the above version will encompass the previous version the same thing as

    the pin Solid Work Simulator a tire will have the Simulator features festoon top Coroner

    beauty good inside teaching speak I use a lot about linear static analysis what it

    encompasses Linear static analysis firstly the results are proportional to the applied loads

    ie if I double mine applied load my result will be reported high and it

    will always keep the aspect ratio if it doesn't keep the aspect ratio then it's no longer running away

    from linear static analysis I'll be entering static analysis not winning as you can

    observe in place too we have a material material and it will always be linearly elastic,

    ie the physical and mechanical properties of the material will change according

    to the loads regardless of the loads received, they will always receive the same material such as

    flow limit it will be fixed beauty and finally the loads all loads are

    static i don't have a shape in a dynamic applied load mind to it, it will always be

    slow and gradual until it reaches its maximum point that's why we don't talk about impact, we do n't

    even talk about Lu, it's good so we can have a small displacement in relation to the size

    of the project, well, you understand a little more about finite element analysis we have a small

    question for you how do you measure distance from your home to another place you want there, well

    we know that it is not simply drawing a straight line from your origin to your destinations as we