Difference in introducing thickness during sketch and while using shell command along with taper angle


Most of you might be already familiar with the usage of difference in these two command along with taper during extrusion. But for those who are still aware of the difference this tutorial is for them. This might be a very tiny thing but it does impact in thickness of design.

  1. Step 1: Adding thickness during sketch

    Lets start with an example of a cylinder with dia 70 mm and thickness 2 mm. I started with a sketch and introduced the thickness during sketch itself.

    I performed extrusion command on my sketch with distance being 80 mm and taper angle of 2 degree. You can see the thickness has changed from 2 mm to 6.587 mm. Also the bottom of the cylinder is empty. What you get is a hollow cylinder.

  2. Step 2: Adding thickness by shell feature

    In the next step I made a circle of dia 70 mm.

    I performed extrusion command by other parameters being the same that is height 80 mm and taper angle 2 mm.

    The thickness is came out to be 2.01 mm throughout the cylinder.

    Also, the bottom of the cylinder is also there.


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