Download HPL Texture

Download hpl texture for 3d program sketchup, 3dsmax, ,solidwork, blender, maya, cinema 4d and etc

  1. Step 1: Free Hpl collection

    HPL is a material used to coat the finish of furniture. Physically, it has a size of 1220 mm x 2440 mm with a thickness of 0.7 mm.

    HPL for furnishing was chosen because it has a number of advantages, one of which is easy to apply, flexible and resistant to room temperature changes. In addition, the use of HPL on furniture can give a luxurious and elegant impression.

    Apart from being in physical form, hpl material is also available in file form. This file is often used for coloring models in 3D programs. The goal is to provide an overview, so that the furniture is made in accordance with the wishes of the client.

    To produce a good rendering image, there are a few things we need to know. One of them is material. Generally people will search for material through Google Images, it seems okay but when the model is rendered, the image will look like a cartoon that is pasted. Cracked and less realistic.

    Therefore, Material is the main foundation in rendering techniques. We cannot produce a good rendering image without using a quality material composition.

    Download Material HPL (Premium)

    This HPL Taco material is perfect for those of you who want to start an interior rendering business or just want to just learn rendering. In this package, a Bump file is available which will make your rendering images look sharp and more alive.

    This HPL collection consists of 420 Texture files and bump files.

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