Dynamic Motion Study

Tutorials / Video Note taking for some research I did for motion stimulator in CAD Software.
Kinematic Drafting Class Materials reused for the assemblies.

Belt Generator for both SolidWorks (Belt/Chain) and Inventor (V-Belt Design)
How to generate and put all the parts into motions

Belt Chain drives the Cam , which drives the Roller Follower. Simple for some fun :)

  1. Step 1: Video Tutorials Content

    Tutorials content includes:

    Belt Generation (Pulley Design)

    Motion stimulations (Mechanical Joints and its attributes)

    Parametric Design and links (Slightly covered)

    • iLogic : Rule

  2. Step 2: Create Belt


    Go to Assembly > Assembly >Belt /Chain > Select your pulleys that will be calculated for the belt length

    For Driving Belt Length , make sure at least one of the pulley has certain degrees of freedom when setting up the mates, in this case, it is our SMALL pulley.

    Inventor :

    Go to Design > V-Belt in Power Transmission > Select the Large and Idler as existing, the third (SMALL) need to be component made on the run because it must be sliding instead of constrain to geometry.

    Make sure the calculation panels on the right of the V-Belt Generator is flawless (in red text) so that the later applied simulation will run smoothly.