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Hello all!

I made a tutorial for exploding views! In this video you will learn how to make a drawing exploded view of a gearbox assembly using markup and slide in design review app (slightly different from CATIA V5).

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Use Captions and Enjoy :)

  1. Step 1: Assembly and Drawing

    Open an assembly composed by several parts

    Insert a drawing in the root product

  2. Step 2: Markup and Slides

    Insert a Markup in the root product

    Switch to Enovia Design Review application

    Then Create a slide

    Move the parts manually, using the robot, in order to make your exploded view

    Save the slide

    Unset current the markup

  3. Step 3: Exploded view in drawing

    Go back to drawing

    Insert a isometric view

    Go back to assembly and select the slide

    *View is generative in drawing*

    In the properties of the view, select Raster Mode / High Quality for Generation

    *The Exploded view is now in color*

  4. Step 4: Edit the slide and update drawing

    You can now edit the slide by double clicking on the icon

    [ be sure to be in design review application ]

    Edit slide by hiding or moving parts

    Save the slide

    Unset current he markup

    Go back to drawing application

    Press the update Button

    *Now the view is updated*

    • End of the Tutorial


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