Freecad - repairing 3D files for 3D printing.

Using Freecad to heal 3D models that are created in other 3D application. Ideal for those who use sketchup to create 3D objects and export them as stl files.

  1. Step 1:

    Open FreeCad - Go to WORKBENCH and with the drop down arrow open workbench up and select Mesh Design. see below

    Once you have selected MESH DESIGN go to File and then Import. see below

    Import the file you wish to analysis and or repair. see above

    In the Combo View - highlight the file name - see above

    Then in on the tool bar select Meshes - Analyze - Evaluate and Repair. see above.

    This will open the Evaluate and Repair Mesh tools. see above. Detach the menu so you can position it to see all items.

    Click on Repetitive Repair - Then click analyze. see below

    This will highlight errors in your 3d model that requires correcting . see below.

    On the items that are ticked and have repair highlighted - see above. Click repair

    Run Repetitive Repair again until you have no errors. Then select close

    In the Combo View - select the name of your file.

    Then go to File

    Then Export - select what format you wish to export your repaired file and export it to that format.

    Your file is now healed and ready for 3D printing.

    I hope this helps ...