Fuel Injection Nozzle Assembly Modeling

In this video tutorial we will be modeling a Fuel Injection Nozzle or Atomiser based on 2D assembly drawing. In this video I will explain how to approach such drawings and reading all the dimensions. This is a full length video in which every single concept, basics and tricks will be covered related to Assembly Modeling.

The purpose of the fuel injector, atomizer or nozzle, as it is called, is to atomize or break the fuel into fine particles and to direct the spray into the combustion chamber so that every fuel particle mixes with the air compressed in the cylinder. In order to achieve this, injection takes place through very fine holes in the nozzle body at a pressure of about 160kg/cm^2.

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  1. Step 1: Part 01 - Modeling Body

  2. Step 2: Part 02 - Modeling remaining Parts

  3. Step 3: Part 03 - Assembling Parts