Grid Lines

How to create a Grid line part. The purpose of this tutorial is to help, some people will agree, others disagree, There is no point of arguing the method or technique if the result is valid and suitable to solve an issue.
Remember, different peoples, different ideas, however, sometimes is easy to use what we already have that creates something that probably will consume time, effort, and money. Illogic maybe is a solution for your issue but probably there is an easy way to solve, and probably easier than this one suggested in this tutorial

  1. Step 1: The part that contain the grid

    1-Create a new part file using the metric template

  2. Step 2: Constructing the grid

    2-Create an Sketch in the XY plane, use the origin and draw a rectangle with the command showed below (two point center).

  3. Step 3: The boundaries of the grid

    3-With the command active, click at the origin point. drag the whole rectangle, constrain it's lines to be the horizontal always horizontal, verticals always vertical. Convert all lines to construction entities.

  4. Step 4: Constraining the boundaries

    4-After adding the geometric constraints, add two dimensional constraints to define the OVERALL SIZES OF THE GRID. Name this 2 constraints in a way that make sense not only for you , maybe it will be usefull for other persons. See the image below.

  5. Step 5: Dimensional constraints

    5-You can constraint the overall dimensions of your grid in several ways, I choose to refer the dimension Y to the X minus a quantity (200) but perfectlly can be a number, or can be an equation

  6. Step 6: Reference the AXIS

    6-Many people do not use the "origin Elements"; mistake use it as much as possible. Expand the part origin folder an turn on the X axis & the Y Axis

  7. Step 7: X distribution direction

    7-Create an Array to pattern the Y-axis in the X direction. Keep in mind that you will have to take advantage of odd numbers (5,7,9,11,13,15, 19 and so on in case that you need it. Notice that the distribution of the Y-axis runs exactly inside your grid boundaries. Make sure the "MidPlane button is activated

  8. Step 8: Repeat

    8-Repeat the process as per Step 7, this time distributing the X-axis along the Y direction. No images this time :)

  9. Step 9: Rename Me to Underestand Me

    9-Rename the 2 arrays accordingly in order to understand better and to move quickly in order to modify the elements.

  10. Step 10: The Example assembly

    10-Create an assembly based on the metric template. Nothing special this time, Place the grid line part in the assembly as the first component. It should go to the origin point with no excuse!

  11. Step 11: Place the component to be measure

    11-Once you placed the grid part, place your component, it will have 6 degrees of freedom so constrain it in a way that makes sense to your work.

  12. Step 12: Drawing?

    12-Now you can create a drawing, including the axis, you can create a sketch view, add some text, dimensions etc.