Helical Planetary Gear

Helical Planetary gear can look complicated in designing but believe me it's as simple as designing normal gear .

Planetary gear seems to be very complicated while designing in any cad software like Fusion 360 , SolidWorks etc. But this tutorial is very easy way to make Planetary gear with wide range of gear ratio provided you should have basic knowledge about gear ratio ,gear physics .

This tutorial is for fusion 360 Beginners and intermediate .

Here you can learn some tricks while learning design .

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  1. Step 1: Tutorial of Planetary Gear

  2. Step 2: Gear dimensions and calculations

  3. Step 3: Ring gear

    To make ring gear

    • Add spur gear of 96 teeth , modulus will be 1 and click ok.
    • Now check sketch , select upper face of spur gear as a plane and project the spur gear diagram on to the plane.
    • Add another circle of diameter 110 (must be greater than 96 mm for making ring gear type).
    • Now enable 3d sketch and draw a vertical line of 15 mm and finish the sketch.
    • Select sweep command and select ring gear diagram and direction will be that vertical line.
    • Twist angle will be 15deg and operation will be new component.

  4. Step 4: Planet Gear

    Again open spur gear plug in and follow these steps

    • No. of teeth will be 36 with modules 1.
    • Also don't forgot to add backlash (any value between 0.1 to 0.5).
    • After adding spur gear click on sketch ,select upper face of spur gear as plane.
    • Project the spur gear on the plane.
    • Draw vertical line of 15mm and finish the sketch.
    • Now apply sweep operation, select the drawing and direction will that vertical line.
    • Calculation for twist angle is

    angle = 15 *(Nr/Np)

    angle = 15 * (96/36) = 40deg

    • Place this helical gear with the help of move command and also create two copy .

  5. Step 5: Sun Gear

    Add another spur gear with given specs

    • No. of teeth will be 24 and module 1.
    • No backlash required.
    • Now again project the gear sketch.
    • Add vertical line of 15 mm.
    • Apply sweep operation with twist angle given as

    angle = 40*(36/24) = -60 deg

    ### Important * In the given video i mistakenly add twist angle 60 deg but it will be -60 deg *

    Now align the gear teeth with planet gears.

  6. Step 6: Carrier

    I think video will be enough for carrier design.

  7. Step 7: Assign joint

    Use as build joint operation keeping ring gear grounded.

    Refer to video for any help .

  8. Step 8: Add Motion Links

    • Motion link between sun to carrier with sun gear angle 360 and carrier angle 360/5 .
    • Motion link between sun gear and each planet gear with sun angle 360 + 360/(96/24) and planet gear angle 360/(36/24.)