How to add a hatch in AutoCAD?

How to add a hatch in AutoCAD?

  1. Step 1:

    You can type HATCH or you can find the command on the draw panel,

    Sorry about the different icons and stuff because I am using AutoCAD Mechanical so things may be confusing for regular AutoCAD users.

    When you start the hatch command it wants you to select internal point,that would be the part of your model which you need to be hatched,you must have closed contour.

    So just click where you want your hatch to be and it will appear.

    You will see some options on the toolbar with hatch.You can change the type of your hatch,transparency,angle,scale.

  2. Step 2:

    You can also press down-arrow key on the keyboard when you start the command and you will have another option to select objects.What you would do by using that is that you would just select all the lines in of your closed contour.

    You may get a window if you activate hatch command,that may be different,but there you can also find select objects and pick point options.

    Karajko CAD