How to control your status bar options in AutoCAD?

How to control your status bar options in AutoCAD?

  1. Step 1: Snap Settings in AutoCAD

    Your status bar in AutoCAD are those little icons at the bottom like ORTHO which limits you just to vertical or horizontal axis or Snap,Object Snap Tracking,Grid and so on.

    If you are missing some Snap modes then they are probably turned off, if you are missing any Snap mode like midpoint, endpoint, tangent then you probably have Object Snap turned off completely or you do not have that icon at status bar at all.

    To turn on the your status bar features right click somewhere on the status bar, not on the icons.Then go to Status Toggles and here you have all what you need to turn on or off.

  2. Step 2: Object Snap

    If you are missing just some Snap modes then right click to Object Snap and click Settings.

    This is probably most important status bar feature and it is necessary for fast and precise work.Here you have all snaps you need,you can turn them all on but some of them you do not need very often like Nearest,Quadrant,Apparent Intersection.

    You have also options for every other status bar toggle(feature).

    You can turn them on or off quickly at F keys,Ortho is F8,Object Snap is F3,Grid F7,Object Snap Tracking F11.

  3. Step 3: Tangent Snap

    You can use every Object Snap mode for a certain situation even if they are not turned on settings, lets say that I wanted a Tangent snap to the circle, then I would press and hold left shift+right mouse click and I have this all the snaps now and i can choose which I want to use just in this situation.If you have two circles you need to do it for each circle.

    I hope that you liked this tutorial :)

    Karajko CAD