How to design a blade Shank- SOLID module

This Creo tutorial video shows you how to create ceiling fan blade shank.
The shank is used to assemble blade over fan motor.

Blade shank assembly is provided separately with fan.
Magic behind fan blade is that it has a lift angle and a twist angle. So for providing that lift and twist both the angles are provided in shank. And creating a component with 2 angles is a bit tricky.
So you can get out of that problem easily by watching this video.

  1. Step 1:

    As you all know ceiling fan blade has some lift and twist in its profile.

    So some of the twist is provided by shank and rest twist angle is covered with the help of bending in blade component.

    Lift is provided in shank part only.

    Please proceed to next step.

  2. Step 2:

    Blade shank can be designed in Solid module or in sheet metal module.

    here we are deigning it with the solid module, designing the same in sheet metal module will be provided in other video.

    Go ahead and watch the video below.

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