In this tutorial, i am going to show you how to draw a bolt with simple steps in CATIA V5. I glad if you leave a like, it will be encourage me to share more tutorials like this and better. Thanks in advance...

  1. Step 1: HOW TO DRAW A BOLT?

    Click “Start”- “Mechanical Design”- “Part Design”.

    Select XY plane and create a hexagon with defined dimension (40 mm).

    Exit workbench and click to “Pad” and enter the length as 15 mm.

    Select bottom side of the shape and click “Sketch” to draw a circle as 12 mm diameter.

    Exit workbench and click “Pad” , enter the length as 70 mm.

    After padding process, the helix start point must be defined as follows:

    Click star and select “Generative Shape Design” from “Shape” section.

    Click “Helix” and select “Helix Curve Definition”. Apply the defined dimensions as below:

    Go to “Part Design” from “Start”. Select “Plane” and select “Plane type” as “Normal to Curve”, “Curve” as “Helix.1” and “Point” as “Point.1”.7

    Click to “Plane” and draw a circle as below:

    Exit workbench.

    Go to “Rib Definiton” and select the curve, press “ OK”.