How to Export & Create 3D Printing Reports in GrabCAD Shop

A typical 3D printing operator wastes 15% of their time updating tracking sheets, managing work orders, and then finally, reporting on projects. GrabCAD Shop makes all of these tasks simple to do -- and easy to report on. Learn how in this tutorial!

  1. Step 1: Download the current view of the Orders page

    • Sign into your GrabCAD Shop account
    • Select the Shop you want to view
    • If you want to abstain a filtered view, apply the filters for the Orders you want to segment and view 
    • Click Export orders at the bottom of the screen

    The Orders page will generate a .CSV file for you. 

    This reporting feature gives you the flexibility you want to create reports on:

    • Technology requested
    • Material requested
    • How many orders were completed in a given time period
    • Workflow metrics such as the time it took from submission to order completion

  2. Step 2: Advanced Reporting

    Each Shop has this reporting ability, making it valuable for reporting on all of your 3D printing activity For instance, a school that uses GrabCAD Shop might organize their shops by courses:

    Using this reporting feature, a lab operator would be able to export printing activity by course. This type of insight can help teachers budget properly for materials and printer costs. 

    Similarly, 3D printing shops might organize their Shop by teams. By using the reporting feature, they can accurately report on:

    • Which teams use the PolyJet printers 
    • How much FDM material to allocate to the Manufacturing team 

    The possibilities are endless!

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