NX 11: Inter-part Expression 2

Interpart Expression: To create or edit a link to an expression in another part.
To apply tolerance and link two dimensions in assembly. Bottom-Up approach

  1. Step 1: Create Model

    YouTube Tutorial

    You can check my previous tutorial for Inter-Part Expressions

    Create the components for assembly.

    Go to new model.

    Then create a plate with hole to demonstrating the inter-part expressions in bottom-Up Assembly approach.

    Draw a rectangle and a hole and extrude it.

    You can give any random dimensions, We link the the dimensions after in assembly section.

  2. Step 2:

    Then Create a model of PIN.

    You can give the dia of pin same as the dia of hole in previous plate.

  3. Step 3: Create The Assembly

    Go through New>Assembly.

    We are going through bottom-Up approach.

    Call the previously created parts in the Assembly.

    Apply the Assembly constrains.

  4. Step 4: Create Expressions

    Go to Tools>Expressions.

    Make sure that You are creating expressions in the Assembly.

    create new Expressions named.



    Now link those expressions with the Components of assembly.

    Now you can go through my previous tutorial and link those dimensions with Expressions.

    Or you can link those dimensions by method described Below.

    make plate as a work part.

    Go through tools>expressions>inter-part expression.

    select the dia of hole in expressions.

    insert the formula showing below.

    Make Pin as a work part.

    link the expression 'Dia' with pin diameter.

  5. Step 5: Your Assembly with Inter-part expression is ready

    You can change those expressions and you can see the change in the assembly components.