Pipe Rack Static Simulation

In this tutorial I'll Show you how to Simulate Pipe Rack Beam in Solidworks Simulation.

  1. Step 1: Material

    First decide which material works for you design.

    I have used Galvanized Steel from Solidworks material library

  2. Step 2: Fixing Each End

    Next fix two side of the model.

  3. Step 3: Assembly Consideration(Contacts)

    note that simulation is in Assembly, so we should modify contact set to "no Penetration"

  4. Step 4: Constrain Steel plate

    because we want to constrain plate movement in one dimension so we should constrain it in other two plane. we do this by "Advanced Fixture"

  5. Step 5: Loading

    Loading 7000 N in vertical direction .

  6. Step 6: Mesh & Run

    Mesh & Run . Default value is OK

  7. Step 7: Results