Simplifying A Sketch For Cutting With Laser

This is a useful, but hidden tool inside Solidworks called "Fit Spline". If you have had a DXF from a part that is imported geometry or the like, then this tool is for you. It is quick and easy, and reduce the complexity of your models, and reduce or eliminate the pausing of your laser at end of entities or nodes.

  1. Step 1: Find the Fit Spline Command

    Type "Fit Spline" in the search field at the top RH corner in Solidworks. Make sure that "Command is Chosen"

    I use it quite a bit, so I have the "F" key mapped to it for one of my "Keyboard Shortcuts"

    Now that you found the icon or executable for the "Fit Spline" command, proceed to the next step.

  2. Step 2: Fit Spline Dialog Box

    With the "Fit Spline Dialog Box" open.