Solid Edge import files with vertex colour

How to create and import files into Solid Edge with vertex colour.
With this little tutorial, it is possible to import into Solid Edge (2020) files that had before texture and mesh.
For this you need Mesh Lab, TCvis (Teamcenter) or PLMvis and Solid Edge (2020).
In Mesh Lab you can import every file it can read and export it to WRL (VRML).

  1. Step 1: preparing the file in Mesh Lab

    With Mesh Lab, you open the file you want to export and translate to a WRL (VRML) with embedded vertex colour. However, the best results are possible if no flat shapes are existing. Additional you need a file for import with texture. Most imported mesh has a raw mesh for this is to use revise meshing.

    After remeshing you need to convert the texture to vertex colour.

    The errors about export you can here ignore and create the vertex colour.

    Now you can save it as a WRL (VRML) file.

    Please open with the WIN editor the WRL file and remove the remark for the texture URL. Than it is also a JT file after import into TCvis (PLMvis) and not only for Solid Edge (2020) to use.

  2. Step 2: open (import) JT with TCvis (PLMvis)

    After open the WRL file, you export it as a JT file.

  3. Step 3: open the JT and save as ASM with Solid Edge (2020)