Solid Edge Tutorials | How to use Solid Sweep Protrusion command

How to use Solid Sweep Protrusion command

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  1. Step 1: Video tutorials

    The Solid Sweep Protrusion command creates a solid body by moving a spinning revolved tool body along a path. The revolved tool body adds volume as it moves along the path.

    Both 2D and 3D paths are valid. Unless the tool is placed on the path, or the Place tool on Path option is selected, the path must be tangent and continuous. The path may be closed, in which case the resulting swept body will close upon itself. The path may be self-intersecting.

    Video tutorials show how to use Solid Sweep Protrusion command

  2. Step 2: Tool definition

    Valid tools:

    • Must be a solid body
    • The tool axis defines the axis about which to spin the tool body
    • The cross-section of the spun body obtained by spinning the tool body about the tool axis must form a single connected set of curves
    • The tool body must not be disjoint, and must intersect the axis

    Invalid tools:

    • Concave and convex.
    • Containing holes and cutouts
    • Non-analytic faces created with b-spline geometry