solidworks advanced tutorials 110 | Sweep with composite curve

To create a sweep feature the Sweep Path gets created first, then and a single
closed sketch Profile.
The Profile will be related to the Sweep Path with a PIERCE or a coincident
When the Profile is swept, the Sweep Path and Guide Curves help control
the shape and its behaviors such as twisting, tangencies, etc.
The Composite Curve I ~I option allows multiple sketches or
model edges to be jointed into one continuous path
for use in sweep features. (The sketches must be
connecting with one another in order for the
composite curve to work.
This lesson will guide you through the
creation of a helical extension spring;
where several 2D sketches will be
combined with a 3D helix to
create one continuous curve.
This curve is called: Composite Curve.

  1. Step 1: