SOLIDWORKS Motion - How to animate using Motion Analysis | Path Math Motor & Initial Velocity

And finally we set off our train as promised.
Using the SolidWorks Motion plug-in, we can perform motion using the path math mate in several different ways. In our previous videos, we combined the train and the rail with the path mate mate. In this video, we have assembled these two models using the parh mate command in a different way.
We did not go into the details of the methods I showed at the end so that the video does not get too long. You can try other methods yourself, the process where you do the path math relationship and motor movement as shown in the video.
Of course, where there is animation, camera movements are indispensable. We have touched on this topic a little bit manually in this content. In the next video, we will bring a different perspective to our animation by adding different camera angles.

We will continue the series in SolidWorks Composer.
Keep watching and following us.

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