SOLIDWORKS - Thread vs Cosmetic Thread 🎯

👀 In this video, we examined one of the most requested content from us, threading.
In the past, we were able to do thread cutting by drawing a thread profile and a sweep path (helix). Now we can perform thread cutting operations much faster and easier with the "Thread" command.
However, instead of this type of threading, threads opened with the cosmetic thread command will be more beneficial for the user in every way.

Below we have reviewed 3 important criteria that we try to demonstrate in the video.

👉🏼 Visuality: Of course, geometric threading takes a step forward here. Because visually you get the most realistic image. The cosmetic thread will only be seen as texture.

👉🏼 Technical Drawing: In this criterion, cosmetic thread take the lead in terms of technical information. Because we can get thread information automatically and cosmetic thread symbol is seen in all technical drawing views. Geometric threading processes, on the other hand, have no advantages in technical drawing.

👉🏼 Performance: A very important criterion, especially for SolidWorks users. Operations with geometric threading commands significantly reduce SolidWorks performance. You can also see this in the Performance Evaluation command at the end of the video. Users will begin to experience performance problems with the multi-use of parts created by such processes in assembly.

✅ Our advice is do not give up the cosmetic threading command.

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