Solidworks Tutorial | Helix and Coil Swept Boss/Base | 3d Modeling Tutorial

I highly recommend this tutorial to help get the basic skills in learning to do any 3d model in Solidworks
Solidworks is an engineering tool used for computer-aided designs(CAD) and computer-aided engineering(CAE). Its one of the biggest and useful CAD tools to have and learn.
These sets of tutorial videos is to help you learn SolidWorks from a novice/beginner stage to an expert.
The helix and coil sweep is on of the tools that is not so widely known or used but one of the easiest shortcut to making certain 3d models. Learning this feature will greatly help you in some difficult and unique models.
Unlike other Solidworks models, 3d parts in this form are almost impossible to make without using this tool. Hope this tutorial is a good aide in your studies



  1. Step 1: The helix model