Template or Etiquette in Technical Drawing

Technical drawing is one essential part of the job for most of the industrial engineers, operators, and technicians. With a correct drawing or design, 50% of the manufacturing processes is already done.
Another thing is... that the drawing may acts as a "language". Engineers share each other's thought through a drawing. From that point, we can drag a conclusion that this "language" shall be structurized in one similar condition (or "accent") , engineers called it a standard.

A template or etiquette MUST be included in a drawing in order to provide information needed for the process.

  1. Step 1: Create a drawing sheet

    Open Solidworks => Click File => New => Drawing (a 2D engineering drawing, typically of a part or assembly)

  2. Step 2: Edit sheet format

    Right click on the drawing sheet => Click edit sheet format

  3. Step 3: Draw the margin line

    Using sketch, draw the margin line on right, left, top, and bottom of the sheet according to the standard used.

  4. Step 4: Draw the information collumn (shown at the bottom right)

    Fill the information collumn with drawing title, institution/company name, drawing number, scale of the drawing, drawing approval, revision number, and part specification.

  5. Step 5: Save the template

    Click file => Save sheet format