The free direction of the array in the sketch in SW2017

How to make an array in a sketch with a free direction to the SolidWorks 2017 as well as it was in previous versions. And keep your nerves in order. Why can not I change the direction of the array created in the sketch. The answers to this question are here.

  1. Step 1: Description of the problem

    With surprise you can find out that by creating an array of geometric objects in the sketch and selecting the direction of the array, then you can not change this direction. And this is observed only in the version of SolidWorks 2017. In older versions everything was fine. 2018 I did not check, the future is too much for me so far.

    I have a control sketch (Эскиз2) in it there is a line (Линия1@Эскиз2) which I use to determine the direction of the array in the sketch (Эскиз1).

    Now if I change the direction of the control line (Линия1@Эскиз2) in the sketch (Эскиз2). My array from the sketch (Эскиз1) does not react in any way. He has no connection with the managing sketch.

    Also, if I open sketch (Эскиз1) with an array for editing. The direction of the sketch is frozen and there is no way to change it. Previously, this did not happen. This is trouble.

    Here is the animation:

    What to do? What if I want to have an array that will follow the sketch manager, as in the good old days. Here's the solution.

  2. Step 2: Decision

    I found only such an opportunity to make an array with a movable direction.

    When creating an array, the first axis X remains fixed in direction, but the Y axis is movable. All you need is to create a 2-dimensional array considering that you will use the Y-axis as the main one. And turn off all the elements created by the X-axis direction of the property remaining is moving.

    It would seem logical to create on the X axis 0 pcs of elements and nothing needs to be discarded. But it does not work that way - the direction again becomes frozen, I tried it.

    Here is the animation as I did it.