TUTORIAL 3: Texture Mapping Using Adobe Photoshop (Quick)

In our previous tutorial, we explained what texture mapping is and when you would want to use it. We also documented the actual process for applying textures and adding color to a 3D model in Materialise® Magics®. This tutorial will show some of the more advanced texture capabilities that are available in Adobe® Photoshop®

  1. Step 1:

    In our previous tutorial we showed how textures can be easily applied using Magics. Below is a short video on:

    • How textures and bump maps can be easily applied in Photoshop
    • How easy it is to then convert those bump maps to physical geometry displacement in the same program
    • How to export your models from Photoshop and import them into GrabCAD Print ready for 3D printing

    That's the end of this short tutorial. A more in-depth look at this process as part of a workshop series about product packaging will be coming soon! Feel free to leave us a comment or question below.