U-Bracket (Part, Torus, Fastener)

This tutorial explains how to model a U-bracket for pole mount antenna in FreeCAD 0.19. Through this example, we will see how to design a threaded part with Part and Fastener Worbenches (WB)

  1. Step 1: Install Fastener WB (optional)

    (optional - if you have not yet installed Fastener WB)

    1) Go to -> Tools,

    2) -> Addon Manager,

    3) Select fastener from the drop-down list,

    4) Click on Install/Update.

  2. Step 2: Create a 180° Torus

    1) Go to Part WB ;

    2) Create a torus with Torus function ;

    3) Configure the torus : Radius1 = 30.50 mm | Radius2 = 2.50 mm | Angle1 = -180 | Angle2 = Angle3 = 180° .

  3. Step 3: Add threaded rods

    1) Go to Fastener WB ;

    2) Select one extremity of the U and click on "Add arbitrary lenght threaded rod" as below ;

    3) Set up the threaded rod as below : diameter = M5 | lenght = 62.00 mm | thread = true ;

    4) Do the same for the other extremity ;

    NB : If rod is placed in the wrong direction you can correct with the offset parameter.

  4. Step 4: Thread representation in TechDraw

    Because of the thread, 2D projection of the created part (with TechDraw WB) will not work or take a lot of calculation time for a poor result. Fortunately, Fastener WB allows you to easily hide threads.

    1) (optional) If you want to keep a threaded version, save the document in a file with 'Non_Threaded' mention ;

    2) Just change thread parameter to "false" to remove threads ;

    3) You can now insert a view of the part ;

    4) To represent threading, a way can be to use an image processing software, as Inkscape.

  5. Step 5: Drawing Example

    Below you can find an example of drawing for the U-Bracket with TechDraw default template.

    1) Functions used to insert views : Insert View - to add five views of the part ;

    2) Functions used to place dimmensions : New Vertical ; New Radius ; New Diameter ;

    3) To add annotation : Inkscape Software.