Using formulas in dimensioning _ Intermediate tutorial | 3d Modeling Tutorial

When it comes to 3D modeling software, SOLIDWORKS is king. The innovative, integrated software solution offers various robust features to accommodate even the most intricate models.
In this video, you will learn an awesome Solidworks skill that can help you advance in your learning of 3D Modeling.

Using formulas in dimensioning in Solidworks is easy way of dimensioning your 3d model. You can use the standard formulas like COS, SINE, TAN and pi=3.142. You can also create your own dimension by creating a global variable and giving it a value. This makes it easy make reference to a particular dimension especially when you have a model whose dimensions are related by multiplying one or dividing etc.

Watch this video to see how cool it is to use this less know but great feature

  1. Step 1: Using Formulas in Drawing