Using the 75% "rule" on Neck Finish.

This "rule of thumb" allows us to choose a safe value between a range that has a maximum and a minimum value. By using this rule we will be above the average value, but within the range, obtaining greater security in any case.

  1. Step 1: The 75% "rule" on Neck Finish

  2. Step 2: What is the 75% "rule"?

  3. Step 3: An Example...

  4. Step 4: Final words...

    The "75% rule" or "3/4 rule", is a practical tool that we have used successfully for many years.

    There are many manufacturers of plastic caps in the world, and sometimes the tolerances can be somewhat elastic.

    The necks that are manufactured using the 75% rule will be within the recommended range but with greater security when looking for a good closure of the cap on the bottle.

    Glad to help, hoping to be useful.

    See you soon.