[VIDEO] Halloween Project 👽 (Alien Scene Creation)


Hello Everyone,

Today I will show you a new Design Fast Tutorial. It is the number 9, and this one is a bit special since it is Halloween. It is a bit particular as well since I will not record my voice, you will just have to watch and redo. Some scenes have been accelerated to make the video easy to watch.

I wanted to do a fun project to show how we work with different applications in CATIA, such as Human Design, Generative Shape Design with the affinity feature, then Visual Experience Content Collection - that allows you to bring very advance and realistic environment in the 3DExperience and finally CATIA live Rendering.

I want to give a big thanks to all the subscribers and please like share and subscribe if you want to see more tutorials like that.

I wish you a happy Halloween to all of you! 👽

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