[Video] Thermal Analysis of Shell and Tube Type Heat Exchanger

This video (Link shown below) Briefs shell and tube type heat exchanger introduction, construction, workflow, etc. It explains shell side and tube side of heat exchanger. It also explains how to apply thermal loading on shell side and tube side, how to consider perfectly insulated condition, how to applied air convection for outer saddle bodies in ansys workbench. It shows how to achieve thermal gradient and match with the applied loading conditions.

  1. Step 1: VIDEO

  2. Step 2: FEA Model Creation

    Create Connections using contact definition

  3. Step 3: Thermal Loading

    Apply Shell side temperature

    Apply tube side temperature

    Apply air convection

  4. Step 4: Apply Material

    Define thermal conductivity

    (Material for Thermal coupled structural analysis)

    Define thermal coefficient of expansion

    Define Poisson ratio

    Define young's modulus

  5. Step 5: Solution and Results Extraction

    Extract temperature distribution along shell and tube side.