ZW3D Computer Desk Modeling Tutorial

This tutorial is show you how to create 3d model computer desk with ZW3D 2020

  1. Step 1: Create 3D Side

    First with sketching, we can create 2 rectangle with dimension 2x60 mm with distance 120.

    After it to convert into 3d model, use extrude command with extrusion 75 mm

  2. Step 2: Create Top Base

    Use sketch, click on the top face for plane. Next you can draw rectangle.

    To convert into 3d, you can use extrude command with distance -2.

  3. Step 3: Create Front Wall

    Use sketch command, select at front face. Next you can draw rectangle with distance 122x50 mm.

    To convert into 3d model, you can use extrude command with extrusion -2.

  4. Step 4: Create Cabinet

    Click sketch and choose top face. Draw rectangle with distance 40x64 mm with offset 2. Next devide into 3 coloum.

    Use extrude command to extrude offset face and also coloum face.

    To create 3d handle,, you can create with rectangle. See video for more information

  5. Step 5: Video Tutorial