SolidWorks 2021 Tutorial | Mobile Charger Design in SolidWorks 2021

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Into the 12 months 2000, creator Wen-chin yang requested a patent for the phone electric battery charger this is certainly cellular. The product possessed a USB software, a DC converter, as well as a phone this is certainly cellular recharging connect that may be placed to the computer system to have electrical power through the computer system.

Solidworks 2021 Tutorial | Solidworks Bolt and Nut Tutorial

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In this video you will learn about making some nuts and bolts with SolidWorks

│Model mania 2021│solidworks

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SolidWorks 2021 Complete 2hrs Sketching Tutorial ( SolidWorks सॉफ्टवेयर Basics को हिंदी में सीखे )

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इस Video में आप सीखेंगे 1. स्वागत स्क्रीन (Welcome screen) 2. प्रयोक्ता इंटरफ़ेस(User interface) 3. माउस नियंत्रण नेविगेशन (Mouse Control Navigation) 4. हेड-अप व्यू टूलबार (Heads-up View Toolbar) 5. मूल बातें (Basics) 6. लाइन (Line) 7. आयत (Rectangle) 8. पूरी तरह से परिभाषित स्केच (Fully defined sketch) 9. वृत्त (Circle) 10. आर्क टूल (Arc) 11. स्लॉट(Slot) 12. अंडाकार (Ellipse) 13. बहुभुज (Polygon) 14. तख़्ता वक्र (Spline curve) 15. टेक्स्ट (Text) 16. बिंदु (Point) 17. पट्टिका और चम्फर (Fillet and chamfer) 18. ट्रिम और विस्तारित करें (Trim and extend) 19. ऑफसेट संस्थाएँ (Offset entities) 20. दर्पण संस्थाओं (Mirror entities) 21. स्केच पैटर्न रैखिक और परिपत्र (Sketch pattern linear & circular) 22. संस्थाओं को स्थानांतरित करें (Move entities) 23. संस्थाओं की प्रतिलिपि बनाएँ (Copy entities ) 24. संस्थाओं को घुमाएं (Rotate entities) 25. स्केल इकाइयाँ (Scale entities) 26. खिंचाव की इकाइयाँ (Stretch entities) 27. स्केच संबंध हटाएँ (Delete Sketch relations) 28. मरम्मत स्केच (Repair sketch) 29. त्वरित तस्वीर (Quick snap) 30. तुरंत 2 डी(Instant 2d) 31. छायांकित स्केच आकृति (Shaded sketch contours) 32. खंड (Segment) 33. No solve move 34. डायनेमिक मिरर इकाइयां (Dynamic mirror entities) 35. स्केच को संशोधित करें(Modify sketch) 36. स्केच चित्र (Sketch picture)

SolidWorks 2021 Tutorial | Coca cola bottle cap design in SolidWorks 2021

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A bottle cap or bottle top seals the opening this is certainly top of bottle. A cap is usually colourfully embellished aided by the logo design of this make of drink. Plastic caps are employed for plastic containers, while steel with synthetic backing is employed for cup; synthetic limits are generally made of PE or PP, whilst material limits are often either aluminum or metallic. Plastic hats could have a pour spout. Flip-Top limits like Flapper closures provide managed dispensing of dry items. Caps for plastic containers tend to be made from a sort this is certainly various of through the bottle.