3D Printed Kaplan Turbine 3D Design in SolidWorks and STL

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How to make 3D Printed Propeller turbine, with complete files.

How to Calculate Water Discharge for Hydel Generation in Pipe

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Watch Video https://youtu.be/u6keHQCaPNE

Micro Hydro Power Complete Course Part 1 English

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Want to Know How Micro Hydro Power Works? Training and Lectures on Micro Hydro Power with animation Facebook.com/chitral.engineering.works

Design of Water Wheel Run of River Project in SolidWorks

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Watch Video https://youtu.be/O93AwksMTvg

How to Make 3D Printed working model of Pelton Wheel Turbine

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Step by Step procedure to build working model of 100 watt pelton wheel turbine.

Design and Assembly of Screw Turbine in SolidWorks

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Watch Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qqRsxMrbV_E

How to Make Working Model of Mini Turbine|DIY 3D Printing

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In this video you will learn how to build a working model of 3D printed mini turbine of 30W. I will use garden pipe to run this turbine. 8 number of LED panels will glow from the electricity generated from this turbine.

How to Build Working Project of Water Turbine

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In this video I will show you how to build a 100W working model of pelton wheel turbine for your university project. I will 3D print some parts of it like buckets, nozzle jet, and discharge turbine. for casing I will use acrylic sheet which will be cutted on laser cutting machine. I have all the stl files for 3D printing and I also have all dxf files for laser cutting machine. I have prepared 3D cad model of hydro turbine on solidworks. you can also buy this design from me.