How to Use the Stratasys AR App for the J55 3D Printer

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Stratasys unveiled the new J55 full-color 3D printer last month. We wanted to give designers and industry professionals a chance to see it for yourself -- wherever you are -- by offering this augmented reality experience.

Additional methods to assign transparency for PolyJet in GrabCAD Print

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In our previous tutorial about assigning transparency for PolyJet, we described how the different settings for transparency in GrabCAD Print work and when to use each. In this tutorial, we will discuss alternative, often more advanced workflows for assigning transparency for PolyJet models. This tutorial is not meant to be a comprehensive summary of all the ways to apply transparency to a model. Like many other features of 3D printing, the applications for transparency are to a large extent mainly limited by our own creativity and ingenuity. That being said, here are some other ways to work with the transparent capabilities in PolyJet.

OBJ Files for PolyJet

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In previous tutorials in this series, we explained the capabilities of STL and VRML files in 3D printing. In this tutorial, we will explain OBJ files and their expanded capabilities in addition to color, transparency, and bump.