Clamping Support (PartDesign, SheetMetal & TechDraw)

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This tutorial explains how to model a clamping support for pole mount antenna in FreeCAD 0.19. Through this example, we will see how to design a basic sheet metal product with PartDesign and SheetMetal Worbenches (WB). Then how to made a drawing of unfolded sheet metal with TechDraw WB.

Bench power supply enclosure (PartDesign, SheetMetal "Fold a Wall" function, TechDraw & Inkscape)

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This tutorial explain how to make a sheet metal enclosure on FreeCAD 0.19 using a Bench Power Supply as an example. Step 1 to 5 show how to model the enclosure starting with flatten sheet metal. Step 7 to 8 provide some tips to make drawing with all required information to manufacture the enclosure.