Orient objects with "Remap CPlane"

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The ! _RemapCPlane command lets you orient (and copy) an object across already saved CPlanes. This is especially useful for situations where the goal is to be able to quickly place copies of the same object(s) onto another CPlane, such like placing a home door in a closed and an opened positions using the CPlanes as a reference. An alternative method is to use the ! _Orient3Pt command, though it will require to manually pick 3 reference points followed by 3 target points for every time you need to orient new objects. This is where the ! _RemapCPlane command unleashes its full potential as it only requires two (or more) saved CPlanes initially, then every next copy-and-orient operation happens by double-clicking on the target CPlane listed in the "Named CPlanes" pop-up window.