Easy Way to Design Propeller

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I used helix and surface loft to design this impeller. with this method you can design an impeller faster than usual or perhaps the best way to do it. Step File: https://grabcad.com/library/impeller-3d-model-tutorial-1

Project Curve: Generate Complex 3D Sketches | Quick SOLIDWORKS Tutorial 2022 | Surface Modeling |

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In this SOLIDWORKS tutorial you'll learn a quick tip to make complex 3D Sketches with project curve command under sketch on sketch feature. all you need to do is make two different 2D Sketches and combine them together to make your desired 3D Sketch and surfaces. I use this method specially when I'm sketching from pictures. I'll try to make another video that contains surface modeling to show you how I use project curve in action. Tutor: Mahmood Zali