How to 3D Print Textured Objects Inside Clear Plastic Blocks

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This walkthrough explains how to print fully textured CAD files encased inside transparent blocks, to help support complex parts, show vistas you never thought possible, or just increase the usability of your full-color models!

How to Convert a CAD File to an STL File

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How CAD files are exported to STL is an important process for accurate building of parts. The step-by-step process for converting CAD fles to STL was taken straight from the mentioned companies websites.

How to Remove FDM Support Material

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FDM (fused deposition modeling) Technology lets you 3D print parts in a broad range of well tested plastics. FDM materials offer specialized properties like toughness, electrostatic dissipation, translucence, biocompatibility, UV resistance, VO flammability and FST ratings. This makes them perfect for demanding designers and engineers in aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, medical and other industries.