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I am an undergraduate (Diploma) mechanical engineer by qualification staying in Mumbai, Maharashtra & have been working in the plastic industry for approximately twelve years. During this period I have worked upon many product designing projects viz. developing small machines like automatic soap dispensers, hand held face massagers, water meter data loggers, enclosures for process control equipments like timers, temperature controllers, small PLCs etc. My role in the projects was to design plastic enclosures in co-ordination with electronics & testing engineers. I have also handled some projects in the field of office furniture development (Open office partition system). I have also worked upon a couple of architectural projects to generate 3D models & to generate presentation video for walk through of building projects. I undertake mold designing projects as well, though it is not my expertise. I also work to optimize injection molding process for plastic components through Scientific Injection Molding (SIM). I have around six years of hands on experience of plastic component manufacturing through injection molding process, using some of the best European & Indian injection molding machines.


work experience

Selec Controls Pvt. Ltd. 3D CAD Drafter April 2004 - October 2008

This is a well known company in the field of manufacturing process control equipments. My responsibilities were to generate concept models using Solid Works, finalizing concept designs with design team & marketing team. Working on approved concept to generate final products in co-ordination with electronics engineers & to submit the design to senior design team as an output with design documentation for final changes & manufacturing.

Sigma 3D Soft Product Desing Engineer April 2009 - April 2011

This was a company working as a outsourced design office for some of the reputed small & mid sized companies. Major projects on which I worked were of reverse engineering. Worked on reverse engineering of pharmaceutical testing equipments & small machines, industrial safety equipments etc.

Polysmart Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Product Design Engineer May 2011 - April 2013

My primary responsibilities were to design small automatic instruments like automatic soap dispenser, hand held face massager, water meter data logger etc. These were usually comprehensive projects i.e. designing plastic enclosures with taking care of its aesthetics & keeping in mind about final resin to be used for manufacturing, developing operating mechanisms & co-coordinating with electronics engineers to design a circuitry to ensure functionality of operating mechanisms.

Efficient Engineering Project Engineer April 2013 - January 2015

My primary responsibilities were to optimize injection molding process through Scientific Injection Molding (SIM) & to carry out mold trials at different locations. Attending Mold Qualification Reviews (MQR)

Freelance Freelance February 2015 -

Work as a freelance CAD person. Designing, modifying CAD models. Also have started designing & fabricating plastic injection molds for some small to medium sized companies.



Government Polytechnic Diploma Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering 1999 - 2001



Workstation specs: Assembled computer resembling configuration of HPZ23 Desktop Workstation. Intel core i3-4150 processor, 4GB RAM, NVDIA quadro K620 graphics.
Honors and awards: I have successfully completed CSWP advance modelling & assembly exam conducted by Dassault Systems for expertise on SolidWorks.
Interests: New product designing (NPD), Design study for Manufacturing (DfM), Revese Engineering (RE)

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