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Hands down the best artist, highly astute, competent, creative and responsive, These are just some of the feedback from my clients. I feel strongly about 2d and 3d objects being both aesthetically interesting and functional. I am enthusiastic about design not just for its usability in the world, but for its sense of innovation and sophistication. As an Industrial Designer, I feel my experience, skills, personality and enthusiasm would make me an ideal choice for your design needs. With more than 7 years experience in 2D and 3D artwork and different design fields,I can make your ideas become reality.I am providing most comprehensive Computer Aided Design services available today and is an offshore solution for CAD contracting services like CAD conversion, CAD drafting, Auto CAD drawing drafting, CAD digitization,SolidWorks 3D modeling Conversion of manual drawings to CAD,High Resolution Animation,Surface Design.


work experience

X-PRO LLC CEO December 2015 -

Collaborating years of experience in 3D Design, Mechanical Engineering, and Management. Alex Tomic and his team have come together and combined their knowledge and after countless hours they have made X-pro a reality. X-pro is designed to help simplify your work by limiting services to one company, we know that X-pro covers all the bases when it comes to your requirements. Simplifying your business is the goal of X-pro, we make sure we are the ones taking on all the load. Built and driven on outstanding leadership skills, X-Pro CEO Alex know how to drive a team towards success. We make sure we cover all fields in CAD, ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN. X-pro believes that leadership is something we are born with and it is the belief of every team member at X-Pro. With a strong trust and knowing our employees carry the same morality and beliefs, it assures us that we provide your business all your needs from the beginning to the end.



Mechanical Engineering high school 4 2009 - 2013

After High School i want to go on faculty of Mechanical Engineering here in Serbia or maybe i will got some scholarship for some other country....

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Serbia 2013 - 2016



Workstation specs:
Honors and awards: First place in School Competition in Mechanical Engineering.
Interests: Ideas/ Prototypes/ Design/ Soliutions/Development

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