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About Us Almax easyLab Group Ltd is a privately owned company created by the merger of Almax Industries BVBA (Almax) and easyLab Group Ltd (easyLab). Taking advantage of more than 30 years of experience in the design, development and manufacture of diamond anvil cells, Almax easyLab group has the experience, the tools, the operations and the knowledgeable staff to provide you with the complete solution for your research in the field of science under pressure. From optical to X-ray spectroscopy, from magnetic to transport measurements under pressure, let Almax easyLab be your partner. We offer: • Wide range of pressure cells (piston-cylinder, diamond anvil cells, custom designs,…) • Low temperature systems with integrated high pressure cells • Wide range of complementary equipment for high pressure (drilling, pressure measurement, sample preparation,…) • World class manufacturing facilities for the polishing of diamond anvils • A company complying with internationally recognised standards (CE Marking, ISO9001:2008, MET, UL certifications). Even more importantly, Almax easyLab is a company of dedicated and enthusiastic technicians, engineers, sales and support staff who will strive to bring you the solution you are expecting for your research at high pressures. Quality, confidence, responsiveness and passion are at the core of our company. We would like you to remember this long after your first experience with Almax easyLab.


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