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My full name is Mohammad Amin Ghedmat Hokmabadi but I use M.A.Hokmabadi in my documents.


work experience

A.P.A.Co. Weld inspector January 2014 - January 2015

I got this feeling that I'm driving in heavy gear all the time right after a couple of weeks of my recruitment because I was misplaced.I got out after 8 months with lots of experience including my NDT certificates.

Saba Palaye Drafter January 2015 - January 2017

Despite my studies didn't match my job at this company but with help of my passion in designing I could get the job.Now I have much more responsibilities beside a simple drafter but like my job and wont change it until the end :) I learned Auto CAD and I loved this software for it's speed to produce actual shopdrawings which takes 3 times slower by and CAD design I've ever work with. You can visit our web page at : I've worked with Solidworks-Catia-Auto CAD-Inventor-Powermill



Azad university of Tabriz Bachelor, Mechanic engineering/Manufacturing and production 2008 - 2013



Workstation specs: My HP elite-book 8770W config is: CPU : Core i7 3820 QM 2.7 GHz RAM : 32 GB Graphic : NVIDIA Quadro K4000M 4GB up to 20GB HDD : 500GB SSD Operating sys : Win 10×64 I am totally satisfied with this laptop and it makes it happen anything I desire...In designing of course :)) *This laptop with any CAD works that I create belongs to Saba Palaye Co.
Honors and awards: Shame on me...Not any :((
Interests: Designing-Improving mechanisms-Learning another language. Since now I know Persian-Turkish-English and now I'm working on Germany.

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